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Maxwell Road YTD
A building of historical significance that counts the Traffic Police, as well as Singapore's first driving test centre, among its former tenants.
Maxwell Road TDY
Present-day Maxwell Chambers is the world’s first integrated dispute resolution complex with best-in-class facilities.
Artist’s Impression

A New Way of Living Shaped by a New Way of Thinking

TMW Maxwell is a collection of multi-hyphenate spaces for tomorrow’s multihyphenates. Truly-local, super-connected, hugely-productive globalists whose passion, curiosity and occupation defy categorisation and labels. TMW Maxwell is a new way of living shaped by a new way of thinking.
A young successful entrepreneur by day and socialite by night. An exuberant individual in constant search of new experiences in a multi-cultural society.
Pushing limits and boundaries not just in aircraft engineering but also his own physics as a boxer. Stronger, faster and never stopping.
Calm, elegant and composed both as an investor and a professional dancer. The choreographer of her life. Each step; always a precise and perfect move.
An academic professor who is more than meets the eye. Living another life as an experiential multi-disciplinary artist who explores new ways to visualise, taste and transcend.

Flip/Switch Homes with non-conformist spaces

A home should adapt to the way you live. Not the other way round. In the city living of TMW Maxwell, we have designed clever spaces that flip/switch from day to night, live to work, for one person to a party of many.

/ Part Home /
Part Office

/ Part Park /
Part Galleria

TMW Maxwell is designed for tomorrow’s hybrid lifestyle. Just like how urbanites of tomorrow defy categorisation, TMW Maxwell blends home, office, park and gallery into one exciting offering.

A Liveable & Loveable Neighbourhood That is Diverse & Inclusive

The future of city living also extends beyond the walls of a home. At TMW Maxwell, home is also the neighbourhood. All 10 minutes of it. Where everything you want and need is within quick and easy reach. You have the world in your hands, right here in your neighbourhood.

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